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The Holiday Collection

Our bestselling Holiday fragrance has been an ACDC signature scent for many years. Combining the essences of Douglas fir boughs, Christmas pine trees, and fresh balsam together, it smells just like evergreens - such a great way to set the Seasonal tone.

Every year brings requests for more, more more. This year, we've added Luxury Room Mist to the collection - a little present to make your house smell like 'home' for the holidays!


"I LOVE this scent, smells just like the holidays!

One of my top favorites for sure!"

- Philomena A

Holiday Starts with Trees


Douglas fir has a fresh, woody, resinous scent. The smell is distinctive and a bit sweeter than pine. Many call it joyous and uplifting - exactly what we want from the Holiday season.


Balsam fir has an incense-like aroma that combines earthy resin with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. A seasonal favorite, it adds a warm softness to the composition.


Who doesn't love the refreshing evergreen scent of a freshly cut pine tree? Combining the aromas of pine needles, cones and wood, this outdoorsy fragrance has touches of lemon and mint.


The refreshing woody-spiciness of cedar conjures up Christmas. Smooth and dry, it smells woody and fresh, with hints of resin. Think of the scent of sharpened pencils.

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