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ACDC Co Values Diversity

In these tumultuous times, we think it's important to convey what we stand for as a company, as a couple and as individuals. We've tried to be politically agnostic, but things are different - our country is divided, the internet has made spreading misinformation easy, and facts are being buried under fiction. Please forgive me if I get personal, but it is important you know what you're buying and who you're buying it from. 

Partners in Business + Husbands in Life

We are proudly a couple, together for 20+ years. We've survived and thrived through lots of challenges from politics to 'family values'. Well our family is pretty valuable and our love has outlasted most couples we know. Through protests and peace, we've kept growing and evolving.

We have the additional challenge of working together in a business. Although our paths are different - David comes from a Sales, Marketing and Customer Service background and Patrick comes from a Design, Analysis and Logistics background - we merged our strengths together in ACDC Co. David develops the fragrances and formulas while Patrick does the packaging design, marketing and web management. 

Our Values

Some say 'ethos', others say 'values'. Here's what we stand for and stand behind:

MODERN: We are both decidedly modern - we love honest materials, clean lines and contemporary touches. Plus, we always have a tiny touch of glam - a gold border, lid or accent. Modern, means quality and enduring, not hung up on pretension or the past. 

SPIRITED: Spirited means uniqueness, creative, and full of surprises. We like creativity. We encourage fact-based debate. We celebrate things that are fun, festive and a little off-center.

HONEST: Honest means authentic, made with consciousness, truth, love and passion. Honesty means truth-telling and saying 'no' to things that we don't like or agree with. It means we use top quality ingredients and are working towards a sustainable future. It also means we don't put up with BS, listen to false narratives, or play games.

FORWARD: Finally, forward means encouraging diversity of ideas, celebrating differences, and supporting equality for all. We want gender equality. We believe in racial justice. We fight for LGBTQ rights. We don't see color or religion or ethnic background as negatives, but as positives - how we learn from each other and grow. We weave the tapestry of our differences into friendships, love and discourse.

Take Us or Leave Us

At this stage of our business and our relationship, we don't support people who don't support us. So here we are - take it or leave it. If you are anti-gay, please go away. We encourage our customers to agree or at minimum 'agree to disagree.' At ACDC Co, we show you who we are. If you don't agree - bye bye. If you do agree, please buy. Either way, we'll be fine and will continue to support our collective rights and freedoms.

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