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Order Questions

What type of credit cards are accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express. Debit cards and prepaid cards are not accepted. In addition, we make shopping easy through ApplePay, Amazon Pay, Paypal, Google Pay, Shop Pay and Venmo

Is my credit card information secure online?

Yes, we us SSL encryption to ensure that the information is safe from anyone trying to intercept it. For more security information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Can I mail you a check or money order?

Checks and money orders are not accepted

Do I have to pay sales tax?

We are required by law to collect the appropriate sales tax of 6.25% (and applicable city/county taxes) on orders shipped within the State of Texas. Tax is automatically calculated by our shopping cart at time of checkout

Do you accept telephone, fax or email orders?

For your protection, orders may only be placed online via our secure encrypted shopping cart

Do I need my order number when emailing with questions?

Yes, so please keep the email with the order confirmation number

How do I cancel my order?

To cancel your order, contact Customer Service at sales[@]aestheticcontent.com with your order confirmation M-F from 9am-6pm CST. Cancellations must be received before 10am CST on the business day following the day your order was placed. If your order has not shipped, we will cancel the order for you. Due to our efforts to ship all our customers promptly, we cannot guarantee we will be able to cancel your order

Do you offer gift wrapping?

At this time, we do not offer gift wrapping, but we're working on it!


ACDC Co Frequently Asked Candle Questions and Answers


How will I know you've received my order, or that it has been shipped?

Once you've successfully submitted your order, you'll receive an email order confirmation sent to the email address you provided (please verify the correct email address before you submit your order). When your order ships out, we'll email again with the order receipt and a tracking number

Which carriers to you use to ship?

We use a combination of FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS. The carrier will be determined by the size and weight of your order and the destination that is is shipping to

Does shipping time include weekends?

Most orders ship within 1 to 2 business days of the order being placed. Due to FedEx, UPS and USPS shipping rules, weekends are not included in the shipping time estimate

Do you ship outside of the United States or Internationally?

Yes, we ship to 40+ countries worldwide, including Canada, Mexico, UK, most of Europe, Central America, South America and many others. Please enter your shipping address into the cart to determine if we ship to your country and shipping rates. Please note shipping rates do not include any import duties or tariffs levied by your destination country

When will my backorder ship?

Occasionally, we may be temporarily out-of-stock of an item ordered. We will contact you by email if the item you ordered is not available from your original order. We give you the choice of keeping the item on backorder, selecting another item, or canceling the item


ACDC Co Frequently Asked Candle Questions and Answers

Scented Soy Candles

What is the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils?

Fragrance oils are typically man-made while essential oils are nature-made. With that said, essential oils go through several type of processes to release the oil from the natural materials, including steaming, water distillation, pressing, and solvent-extraction. Fragrance oils are typically oils created to mimic a fragrance that can't be extracted from nature, like the scent of a waterfall, or the scent of fall leaves. Some fragrance oils will be chemically produced, some will be blended from essential oils and many are a combination of chemical and natural. At ACDC, we use fine perfume oils which are a combination of chemical and natural, blending essential oils with fragrance oils for the most complex and fragrant combinations. We only use cosmetic-grade ingredients that contain no dyes, formadehyde, parabens, sulfates and are designed for home fragrance and candle use.

Are your soy candles safe?

Soy candles are a better alternative to pure paraffin wax for several reasons. First, soy wax is naturally derived from the oils of the soybean, making it a sustainable alternative to petroleum which is the source of paraffin. Second, soy wax burns more cleanly than paraffin, which means a more controlled flame height (safer to use), and less soot and smoke (safer to breathe). Third soy wax releases fragrance oils better than paraffin, which means a nicer aroma in your home. ACDC candles go through extensive testing to ensure a full release of fragrance, minimial amount of soot and smoke and a controlled flame. This testing ensures that you're buying quality and safety.

How do I know if your candles use the best soy wax? 

Our candle quality is the best in the marketplace, with a high percentage of fragrance oils for full scent that carries all the way through each candle. This starts with our quality proprietary soy wax, blended with exclusive fragrances that are handmade from a combination of essential and fine perfume oils. You can only buy this quality soy wax in our ACDC scented soy candles. Our customers have given us great five star reviews and testimonials throughout our website.

Where can I find the best soy wax for candles?

While you can find inexpensive candle waxes at large mass craft stores, they are often filled with petrochemicals which overwhelm candle fragrances and burn very poorly, leaving behind dangerous flames, smoke and soot. We believe our propriety soy wax blend is the best in the marketplace and is only sold as part of our ACDC scented soy candles.

What is the difference between beeswax and soy wax?

Beeswax and soy candles differ in the type of wax used to create them. Bee's wax is naturally produced when bees make honeycombs that store their honey. After honey is harvested, the spent honeycombs are melted down and reprocessed into beeswax. Soy wax is created from sustainable and renewable hydrogenated soybean oil. Both wax bases are well suited for candle production. Soy candles cost significantly less than beeswax due to more availability of quality materials, and they are less difficult to harvest, which consumes less energy. Both waxes absorb and release fragrance oils well. Beeswax tends to have a more 'wax' scent when raw, while soy wax has a nut-like raw scent. We choose to use soy wax in our candles because it is natural and vegan, provides a superior quality burn, it holds fragrance well in most temperatures, and it is best suited for our types of containers.

Where can I buy bulk soy wax?

Bulk soy wax is sold in large quantity to wholesale manufacturers. To ensure that our candles are unique, we created our own proprietory soy wax blend that has a creamy off-white appearance and blends beautifully with our exclusive fragrance blends.

How do you choose the right wick for a candle?

Choosing the right wick for a candle is a science that takes knowledge, practice and product testing to validate. Overall, it is the most critical and difficult part of candle making. There are over 1,000 wicks available to use, so selecting the right one takes time, trial and error, and lots of testing data. Wick selection is based on a combination of things including the candle's size, shape, fragrance, color, wax and container size. In a candle, the wick acts like a straw, pulling melted wax up to the flame. This capillary action reacts with the oxygen in the air, releasing the fragrance and controlling the flame size. A too-small wick will produce a small flame, clog, then burn out quickly. A too-large wick will bloom or mushroom causing soot and smoke from a too-large flame. A just-right wick will burn cleanly and evenly, producing a flame that is sized correctly for the candle.

In our ACDC scented soy candles, we test extensively to ensure that they have:

  • Consistent flame size - for safety and quality
  • Minimal blooming, soot and smoke - for health and complete fragrance release
  • Full sized wax pool when burning - for quality and full wax and fragrance use
  • Controlled burn speed - for longevity and complete fragrance release

We select the best wick for each candle, centering them in each container to ensure that our quality is always consistent and that our customers love the full fragrance release and clean burn quality.

How do you make your soy candles?

Candle making is both an art and a science and requires extensive prep work and testing to get the quality correct. While there are plenty of candlemaking tutorials available, we've created a proprietary blending process to ensure the fragrance carries all the way through the candles, providing a beautiful scent with each use. Prior to finalizing each fragrance in our line, we do extensive wick testing to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the burn over time, which includes controlling flame heights, reducing soot and smoke, and ensuring full wax usage. During our hand pouring, we use our own tool set that center the wicks, remove excess wax, and set the wax to ensure fragrance depth. While we don't share how we make ACDC candles, we emphasise that our experience and care ensure our candles smell and burn better than competitive candles on the market.

What are triple scented soy candles?

'Triple scented candles' is a made-up term to describe a strong smelling candle. There is no industry standard or definition on this subject but there are two schools of thought. The first thought school refers to the amount of fragrance oils candle wax will hold. Typically, many candlemakers use 5-6% fragrance in their wax. So in this context, triple scented would refer to using 3 times this amount of fragrance. At ACDC, we take the scientific approach to ensure that our soy wax holds the fragrance safely and in turn 'throws' it correctly when burning. While we use a high concentration of oils, an 18% fragrance load would create an unstable wax blend which would be dangerous when burning. So we use the safest amount of oils to wax to release the best fragrance throw when lit. The second thought school refers to a person's sense of smell in relation to fragrance. The perfume industry frequently references three 'notes' - a top note, a middle note and a base note. The top note is a fleeting accent, creating a peasant initial aroma then transitioning to the next layer. The middle note is released as the top fragrance layer blends in, and is a constant which provides complexity to the overall scent. The base note is the fragrance's foundation which carries all the way through, providing lingering depth to the total aroma. At ACDC, we don't believe in trying to fool our customers using made-up jargon. We simply work to ensure that every candle uses fragrance oils that are naturally complex, long lasting and carry all the way through the wax, from top to bottom. This ensures each and every burn is as fragrant as the first. We value scent, safety and consistency over making unsubstantiated claims. With this quality foundation, our candles are fullly scented, and feature a depth of fragrance that, we belive, holds up better than any competitor on the market, will burn perfectly every time, and throws scent you'll love throughout your spaces.


ACDC Co Frequently Asked Candle Questions and Answers

Aromatherapy Oils & Diffusers

How does an ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser work?

Our ACDC ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser uses vibration, not heat, to produce a fragranced water vapor. Inside each diffuser is a small ceramic disc that vibrates at a high speed when running.The vibrations create ultrasonic waves that break up the water and fragrance into microscopic particles that appear as a mist and release aroma into the air. Because there is no heat involved, an electric fragrance diffuser is considered safe to use around kids and pets. Ours features an auto shut off that will stop at times you set, or when the water runs out. It also has variable speed control and is ultra quiet when running.

How do you clean an essential oil aromatherapy diffuser?

The ACDC ultrasonic aroma diffuser is designed for use with both essential oils and home fragrance oils. Its made from BPA-free plastics and features variable speed flow, auto shut off and super quiet operation. The 200ml / 6.75 fl oz capacity tank is not only easy to fill, but easy to clean. Simply unplug the diffuser from the power cord, empty the basin, then rinse with regular tap water. Without immersing in water, rinse and empty the basin a few times, then wipe both interior and exterior dry with a paper or cloth towel. We do not recommend the use of soap as it could build up in the basin and cause impurities when running. Please check out our ultrasonic diffuser care and use section.

How does aromatherapy work?

Aromatherapy has been practiced by humanity for thousands of years, dating back to ancient times when people used oils, balms and resins for both religious and medicinal purposes. These mixtures were believed to have both physical and psychological benefits. In the Middle Ages, scientists perfected the distillation of essential oils from plant materials and began commercializing the sale of essential oils. Fast forward to 1937 when French chemist and perfumer René-Maurice Gattefossé first used the phrase 'aromatherapy' in a book referring to the use of botanical ingredients for treating illnesses, giving a name to this common and historic practice. Today, 'aromatherapy' commonly refers to the use of fragrances and aromas to adjust emotional and physical balance, and it is considered an alternative form of therapy, connected with mindfulness and well being. It is widely agreed that our sense of smell is connected to the areas of the brand that control our basic emotions, thoughts and instincts. And that scent has a direct link to the mind and body. Using today's practice, aromas can be experienced and enjoyed in fragrant products such as candles, home fragrance, bath & body care. Enjoy our unique fragrances in your own personal aromatherapy routine.

How does aromatherapy effect the brain?

Essential oils, botanial resins and balms have been used in holistic and spiritual rituals for nearly 6,000 years. Thought to improve a person’s health or mood, aromatherapy is considered a 'complementary therapy.' It is not a cure for illness or disease, but can support conventional medical treatments in certain individuals. The theory is that aroma molecules, inhaled through the sense of smell, affect the brain, which then sends messages to the limbic system which links to emotions, heart rate, blood pressure, memory, stress receptors and hormonal balance. Certain people react to certain scents, which in turn, could have subtle effects on the body and mind. Consult your physician for medical concerns or use.

Can aromatherapy help with depression?

While aromatherapy is not a cure for depression, it can be a beneficial practice to aid with stress and anxiety reduction, when used along side physician-prescribed therapy. There is very little clinical research specific to the role of aromatherapy in depression treatment. Evidence suggests that essential oils may play a part in effecting the brain's mood-controlling receptors. Oils such as lavender, neroli, grapefruit, rose and orange are belived to have a calming effect on the brain.

*We always recommend consulting with your physician for questions and concerns.

How does aromatherapy help with stress?

While little research is available to directly link aromatherapy to stress relief, centuries of practice back up the belief that there is a direct link between fragrance and mindfulness. It is thought that aromatherapy reduces the perception of stress, increasing feelings of contentment, calmness and relaxation. By calming one's emotional state, the practice can lead to a reduction in cortisol (known as the 'stress hormone') which is a steriod hormone the body produces in reaction to stress. There are very few known side effects of using aromas as a tool for stress relief. Its easy to do, can be used passively, (meaning that you can release fragrance via a candle or diffuser while doing other activities) and aromas are very widely used in home fragrance, bath and body products, clothing and linen mists, and other scented items. Combined with services like massage and spa treatments they soothe the mind and body, opening the door to relaxation. We recommend these ACDC categories to try aromatherapy in your home:

  • Candles Our scented soy wax candles are widely used to provide a combination of soothing fragrance and flickering candlelight, setting the stage for stress relief. They create a sensory atmosphere which many people find calming and use daily to shed anxieties that come out of our work-traffic-family routines.
  • Aroma Diffusers Our BPA-free ultrasonic diffusers and home fragrance oils vibrate the blend into a scented water vapor, filling a space with aroma. Because they don't use heat to disperse scent, they are safe around kids and pets. The added benefit of the electric diffusers is that they have variable speed control, automatic shut off and are easy to clean and refill.
  • Linen Mists and Room Sprays Our linen and room mists are a quick and easy way to spray fragrance in any space. With our non-aerosol pumps and reusable bottles they add convenience and eco-consciousness to home aromatherapy time.

*We always recommend consulting with your physician for questions and concerns.

Are aromatherapy diffusers safe for babies, kids and pets? 

Aromatherapy diffusers are considered to be the safest way to release and disperse fragrance in a home for a few reasons. First, it uses water vapor as the fragrance carrier. Water is a natural part of our everday life, from the amount we drink to stay hydrated and active to the humidity in the air we breathe. The ultrasonic diffuser vibrates water molecules together, blending them with home fragrance oil to create a mist that is safe to breathe and is released in a measured and controlled way. Second, our aromatherapy diffuser has automatic settings that control the amount (volume) of vapor released, the timing of release and features an auto-shut off function that will stop the release after a set time period or when the water level goes below the minimum amount needed to function. Third, because there is no flame and no warming used in the release of fragrance, there isn't a chance of tip-over or burn hazard that could create a dangerous situation for pets or children. Finally, if an accidental tip-over were to occur, the spill would be a combination of water and oil which is easily cleaned up. Ultimately, it is up to parents to decide what is safe for their children and pets.

*We always recommend consulting with your physician for questions and concerns.

Which aromatherapy oils are safe for pets?

Because our pets' chemistry is different from the human body, what is safe for you is not necessarily safe for your pet. According to APCC (Animal Poison Control Center) guidence, it is recommended that essential oils and perfume oils are NOT used directly on pet's skin, fur or paws. To err on the most safe side, we advise that our home fragrance oils are not intended for use on the body, face or skin (humans and pets). Using an ultrasonic diffuser to disperse fragrance into the air is a matter of your preference for aromas in your home. If used for short periods of time home fragrance will likely not be an issue. Be sure to 'pet-proof' the area in which a diffuser is used so they are not able to tip over the bowl and possibly expose themselves to the blended oil and water. Pets have a better sense of smell than humans, so keep the amount of home fragrance oils light. If you notice any issues with your fur babies, stop use. For other pets such as birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, follow your vet's advice.

Burning & Decorating With Candles

What are the benefits of burning candles?

Candles have been used for centuries to provide light, heat and functionality. It's only recently that candles have become a mainstay in home decor, providing decor style, ambience and personalization. In addition to providing function, todays candles provide a sense of atmosphere and luxury, while creating signature fragrance that make a house a home. Here are our favorite benefits of burning candles:

INSTANT ATMOSPHERE Candlelight is a romanic way to add warmth to a home. A few candles throughout a room provide a flicker of candlelight that is cozy, reassuring and welcoming.

RELAXING AMBIENCE The soft glow of candles combined with the beautiful fragrance create a calming atmosphere that aids in soothing away the stresses of the day, creating a mindful space for meditation.

AROMATHERAPY There's a reason that massage therapists, healing experts and spas use candles in their treatment rooms - they provide a peaceful space that is perfect for tranquility and quiet contemplation.

GATHERINGS & CELEBRATIONS Candles are a mainstay at social gatherings, from birthdays and weddings to holidays. We use candlelight as a way to celebrate milestones and the blowing out of the flame as a way to make and send wishes and good tidings.

ROMANTIC GET-TOGETHERS There's nothing more romantic than a candlelit dinner. Whether on a first date or dining alfresco, candles are a symbol of amour, and the burning flame represents the love burning in our hearts.

GIFT GIVING Whether giving a candle away or gifting it to yourself, candles make personal and special gifts for any occasion. Hosts and hostesses appreciate them. Grads love them. They're perfect birthday, anniversary or Mother's Day gift ideas. Celebrate a new home or move with a fragranced housewarming gift! Thank someone for a kind deed with a unique scented candle that speaks to their personality.

COZY DECOR Candles are enjoyed in any room of the home. In a dining room, they can act as placecards to welcome your guests to the table, or as ambience providing the flicker of candlelight to set the tone. In the kitchen, they help dissipate odors while providing fresh, clean scents. In a living room, they provide moments of light and atmosphere that showcase your special design style. In the bedroom, they provide a sense of romance and warmth on a nightstand or dresser. In the bathroom, they create relaxation and a deep sense of calm when lit. Outdoors, they can keep pests at bay and set the tone for a beautiful patio, deck, or porch. Used poolside, they glow against the night sky and the flickering brings magic to night swimming.

FENG SHUI It is believed that the element of fire is vital to the practice of feng shui. Fire is a purifying element that brings calm energy to a room. Fire is symbolic of the bright sun, encouraging happy celebrations, and glorious, joyful achievements.

HYGGE Hygge is the Dutch concept of coziness and comfortable living which brings about feelings of contentment or well-being. Lighting is a key component of hygge. By burning candles during common everyday moments, we encourage that feeling to grow and glow morning, afternoon and evening.

SPIRITUALITY Candles have historically been part of our spiritual rituals, including meditation, prayer and transitions. We use candles for calmness, candles to symbolize life, and to pay respect to the past. We use candles as symbols of rebirth, growth and eternity. All major religions have candles as part of life's ceremonies and they are used in churches, temples and spiritual gathering spots worldwide.

MEMORY They say that the sense of smell is most closely tied to memory, which is why we are attuned to certain scents that remind us of people, places and past times. Emotions are a powerful thing and the connection to scent is unforgettable.

PERSONAL EXPRESSION As we all develop our own individual fashion and style sense, fragrance is closely tied to our unique DNA. By burning the scents you love, you create a distinctive fragrance that is customized to your own home, expressing your unique point of view.

TRAVEL & VOYAGES Bring a piece of home with you when traveling by taking along a candle, room spray or fragrance oil.

Are there health benefits to using candles?

Although there is no scientific proof behind health benefits of burning candles, scented candles are widely used in aromatherapy to enhance mental relaxation and stress relief. Healing experts and spas using candles in their treatment rooms for this very purpose. Most people believe scented candles create a peaceful space for tranquility and quiet contemplation. Moreover, the sense of smell is closely tied to memory, which is why we are attuned to certain scents that remind us of people, places and past times. Scented candles may help develop focus, relieve emotional stress and create a positive environment by engaging our senses.

*We always recommend consulting with your physician for questions and concerns.

What are some ideas for decorating with candles?

Candles can be used in every room of the house, providing atmosphere, decoration and fragrance. While there are some obvious places candles can be used, we like to think holistically, so here are 7 tips for decorating with candles in unexpected spaces.

  1. The Stylish Front Porch Whether creating a comfortable spot to wave 'hi' to neighbors or setting up a holiday display, candles create a warm welcome to guests.
  2. The Welcoming Entry The foyer is often forgotten, but its the one place that guests spend time with hellos and goodbyes. Have it reflect your personality with a signature scented candle.
  3. The Guest Restroom The hall bath, the powder room, the under-the-stairs water closet - no matter what you call it, make it cozy with a refreshing candle that provides both atmosphere and aroma.
  4. The Home Office 2020 has forced us all to work from home, making the home office the most used room in the house. A scented candle provides a beautiful break from daily work stress (and makes your house look great on those Zoom calls!)
  5. The Guest Bedroom Guests will always remember your thoughfulness and graciousness if you give them the gift of ambience. Think of your guest room as a boutique hotel and fill it with fragrance for friends and family to enjoy.
  6. The Mud Room In the room filled with shoes, laundry, musty coats and sports gear, we need some clean fragrance to clear the air. Scented candles give off fragrance even when not burning, so use them as air fresheners in the room that needs it the most.
  7. The Back Patio Enjoy evenings with a glass of wine and the flickering of candlelight on the back porch. Many scents are natural bug deterrants, so include some citronella, geranium, rosemary, basil, cedarwood or vetiver to keep the pests away.

How do you use home fragrances in decor?

2020 has brought some big challenges with it, from a global pandemic to a worldwide demand for equality. These challenges have changed the way we're living and interacting, in many cases working, schooling, playing and celebrating at home, in spaces that weren't intended to be occupied 24/7. As we adapt to new ways of living together, we are also adapting to new trends in home decor and interiors. Our kitchen tables are now our children's work tables. Our bedrooms are now our home offices. Our living rooms are now our play and recreation areas. Our outdoor patios and balconies are now our celebration spaces and privacy pods. As we all reutilize spaces in different ways, it's important that we personalize our spaces with things like fragrance that provides uniqueness, respite and relaxation. Home fragrance is a huge part of this...

Do you sell gadgets for meditation?

There are lots of gadgets on the market that claim to aid with stress relief, relaxation and meditation. If you love meditation time, consider a few low-tech products to set a zen tone, allowing a calm and restful mood for your personal practice.

  • Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser and Home Fragrance Oils Our Wood Grain Aroma Diffuser releases a gentle scented water vapor when used with ACDC Home Fragrance Oils. For full relaxation, we suggest several drops of No. 16 Lavender White Pear, No. 70 Basil Mint, No. 23 Grapefruit Jasmine or No. 54 Mandarin White Tea. To create a personalized experience, try blending 2 fragrances together and make your own relaxing mood. Perfect pairings include No 9. Black Fig Cassis and No. 48 Sandalwood Fig Leaf or No. 81 Rum Teakwood and No. 12 Mahogany Oak.
  • Luxury Scented Soy Candles Burn a luxurious scented candle to create a sacred space for introspection. Our No. 63 Neroli Basil, No. 84 Plum Patchouli and No. 7 Vanilla Leather candles all release complex fragrances that are soothing and calming for maximum serenity.
  • Luxury Room Sprays & Linen Mists New in, our ACDC Room Sprays come in our bestselling candle fragrances and fill a room with incredible fragrances - an instant room refresh! Our ACDC pillow sprays and linen mists are derived from 100% natural components, capturing the core essence of their botanical ingredients. Try Relax Lavender to set a calming mood. Spritz Dream Neroli on your clothing or yoga mat for rest and repose. A spray of Peace Lemongrass silences the outside world for inner stillness. A mist of Serenity Rose creates calmness and harmony.
  • Bath Fizzers and Soaks Fizzie, fizz, fizz...Our bath bombs provide a fun and effervescent way to wind down, clear the mind and reach a higher mental state. Hand crafted from natural botanical ingredients including baking soda, epsom salts, coconut oil and essential oils, they make the tub your home for mindful introspection.
  • Essential Oil Candles Our essential oil candles are hand-poured in our Dallas, TX studio and blend the purest essential oils with our creamy soy wax base. With 5 relaxing scents, they are the perfect way to unwind before a busy work day or after a stressful family outing. With fragrances like Relax Lavender, Zen Eucalyptus, Joy Orange, Peace Lemongrass and Balance Grapefruit, they are sure to provide the atmosphere to slow down, sit back, and unwind.