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Portugal’s Claus Porto - Bath & Skincare Perfection

Traveling has always been a passion of mine and working in the sky made every day a new beginning & adventure. On one buying trip we stumbled across a bold,...

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We Stand for Gender Equality | ACDC Co

We Stand for Gender Equality

We have always been proponents of gender equality and support this position in our core principles and daily actions. When we started ACDC Co. seven years ago, we laid out core fundamentals...

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School Days are Here Again | ACDC Co

School Days are Here Again

If your school days are turning into a school daze, here are some fragrance essentials for a dorm or home room. Back to campus is anything but normal, so find some amazing...

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The Thoughtful Power of Friends 🤝 | ACDC Co

The Thoughtful Power of Friends 🤝

We’ve had the blessings of all types of friends. With each new friend, we expand our views of the world and explore new experiences through each others’ eyes. Friends are always...

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For the Love of Lavender | ACDC Co

For the Love of Lavender

In today’s climate we can all use a little lavender aromatherapy to rejuvenate, relax and energize our minds, bodies, and souls. Everyday stresses can take a toll on mental health and...

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Get to Know Neroli | ACDC Co

Get to Know Neroli

You know that amazing scent you can't place, that is both sweet and bitter, a blend of heavenly floral and crisp citrus? It smells like an orange grove - both...

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