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Exotic Tahitian Vanilla Fragrance

Vanilla is the world's second most rare and expensive spice, after saffron. Exotic and alluring, the fragrance is unmistakable - sweet and fruity with subtle floral notes. True vanilla has a warm and inviting scent - a little milky, a little cakey - all sensuous and inviting. Scientific research reveals it’s a calming and universally pleasant scent, once considered to be an aphrodesiac. Symbolically, it connotes purity and simplicity. We love it and use Tahitian vanilla in many of our home fragrance blends.

Grown by an orchid plant, vanilla is derived from the plant's seed pods, which are carefully picked, shocked in hot water, then carefully air dried for 2 to 6 months until the dried pod preserves the tiny beans inside. This meticulous process makes Tahitian vanilla beans the most expensive type of vanilla bean, known for superb flavor and aroma.

Two vanilla-based scents have been mainstays of ACDC since day one:

No 7. Vanilla Leather. This scent comes in a scented soy candle, a home-freshening room mist, and our signature ultrasonic diffuser oil.

No 16. Lavender White Pear. This scent comes in a scented soy candle, a home-freshening room mist, and our signature ultrasonic diffuser oil.

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