Gift Guide for Hosts and Hostesses, Housewarmings, Parties

Great Host and Hostess Gifts

We've all been there....

Invited to a dinner party, a neighborhood gathering, a housewarming, a cocktail party, a work event or a parent's committee. You can't show up empty-handed and there's a part of you that wants to bring a better gift than everyone else. (Secretly, we don't want our gift to be re-gifted). What to do, what to do?

One thing we appreciate is thoughtfulness. There are a couple of levels to giving a thoughtful gift.

First, the gift itself. Think about the recipient. How well do you know him or her or them? If a lot, then think about their home, their family, their lifestyle, their hobbies, their travels and search out something that connects their interests to your budget. A good gift shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. How about $18-48 as a gift spend?

If you don't know your recipient, then put yourself in their shoes. What would you want to receive? What would make you keep, use and display a gift? Give it some thought, give it some love, and give a little luxury.  A few thought-starters are in our scented gifts collection.

Second, the presentation. You can't show up with a big box gift stuffed into a gift bag. You need style, sophistication - something that reflects your personality as the giver.

Our fragrance gift sets are beautifully packaged in a luxury paper-wrapped gift box, tied with a silk bow and hand-packed inside for maximum impact. 

Customize a luxury candle gift and make all the choices - fragrance, box color, paper liner and more. We'll craft something special using your selections.

All it takes to make an enviable entrance is a little planning, some considered choices and a partner like ACDC Co to bring it all to life.



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