Leather Scented Candles and Fragrance Oil | ACDC Co No 7

Lucky No 7...the Scent of Leather

One of our most popular fragrances is exotic, mysterious and oh-so sexy.

When we created it, we thought of romance - nights cuddled up by the fireplace, a ski chalet in Switzerland, the breeze in the Bahamas, a Balinese honeymoon. To our surprise, it's grown into a cult favorite.

The leather, sandalwood and vanilla fragrance in No. 7 Vanilla Leather makes amazing scented candles.

As an ultrasonic diffuser fragrance oil, it fills an entire room with the aroma of leather.

In our room spray, it fills the air, creating a warm and comforting atmosphere in any environment.

At ACDC, we believe scents have their own personalities and lucky No. 7 is full of personality: Soft and masculine. Subtle yet strong. Complex and complicated. Scruffy and a little messy. Kind of like life...

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