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Natural Sleeping Aids

Ever have issues falling asleep or staying asleep? Me too.

I've tried everything from pharmaceuticals to over-the-counter sleep aids. I don't like how they make me feel the next morning - groggy, lethargic - overall yucky. Help wasn't found at the pharmacy, but I did find some help in nature. 

How do natural extracts blended with the purest water sound to you?  They sound (and work) great for me, which is why we created the ACDC Co natural linen mists. Think pure herbal essences created during the extraction of essential oils. Bottled in a non-aerosol spray. Light. Subtle. Relaxing. 

Spritz a little Relax Lavender Luxury Linen Mist on your pillows right before bedtime and drift off into a satisfying slumber.

How about a spray of orange blossoms on your sheets, wrapping you in the most rare and expensive scent of flowers? Our Neroli Dream Luxury Linen Mist does just this.

Or try the restful and refreshing scent of pure lemongrass with our Peace Lemongrass Luxury Linen Mist on your comforter as you turn down the bed for naptime.

Love the amazing and romantic scent of roses? Serene Rose Luxury Linen Mist is like sprinkling your bed with fresh rose petals. Spray your curtains or carpeting for an instant room refresh and set the stage for pleasant dreams.

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