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The Perfect Pear-ing

Pear is not a fragrance frequently thought of for candles, but we love the rich, sweet, juicy scent. It blends so well with other fragrances (think caramel, think cinnamon, think honeysuckle...)

In our perfect pear-ing, we mix that hedonistic pear fragrance with French lavender blossoms and Tahitian vanilla bean to create our signature No. 16 pear scented candles, room sprays and diffuser oils.

For us, it's about memories of southern France, floating over lavender fields in a hot air balloon, then exploring the little villages of Provence, each with their own microclimate - some hot and arid, some hilly and steep, some verdant and lush. Wherever you go, you encounter uniquely scented shops with some combination of fresh fruit, amazing flowers and the local handicrafts of soaps, candles, perfumes and pastries.

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