The Allure of Cedar Wood

Sensational Cedar Scents

Cedar is one of nature's most powerful scents. Natural cedar wood has a spicy, aromatic fragrance - woodsy, camphoraceous, with notes of citrus. Many describe it as the scent of pencil shavings; we think it's exotic, mysterious, masculine and super sexy.

In our No 33 Room Spray, it's the dominant top note - rugged and refined - blending into a mix of mahogany wood, vetiver root and evergreen. Filling a space with warm tones of crisp woods and foliage.

We infuse No 9 Black Fig Cassis Candles with cedar wood, complementing Mediterranean fig leaf and black currant notes. The sharp aroma of cedar is softened with hints of fruit and sea air.

To get a sampling of cedar throughout the home, try our Boxed Set of 4 Exotic Diffuser Oils. In addition to No 33, we include No 12 - Mahogany & Oak, No 24 Rosewood & Citrus, and No 6 Lotus & Amber. These four oils can be used alone or together to create a custom blend in your home.

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