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The Benefits of Aromatherapy Essential Oil Candles

What are the benefits of aromatherapy candles, you might ask…

Aromatherapy has existed as long as humanity has existed – we have a knack of following our noses to find amazing aromas that effect our moods, our outlooks and our attitudes. Aromatherapy as an art and science is documented back to Ancient Egyptian times, when oils were extracted from herbs, flowers and other botanical ingredients and used for medicine, beauty, and for therapeutical purposes.  Aroma + therapy = aromatherapy.

It’s thought that infusing your personal space with aromas can alter moods, providing the antidote to depression, setting the scene for relaxation, and creating headspace for meditation, focus and more.

Our Apothecary Collection features five unique scents crafted from 100% pure essential oils:

Relax Lavender is the most popular and versatile essential oil in aromatherapy. Used to help promote relaxation, our scented soy wax candle is believed to aid with anxiety and depression, helping quiet the brain, reducing agitation, restlessness, anger and aggression.

Zen Eucalyptus can promote feelings of clarity and relaxation. This scented soy candle can help to invigorate, soothe, and uplift. This essential oil has a soothing, cooling effect which makes eucalyptus ideal for a calming massage or steam shower

Joy Orange combats lack of energy. Burning an orange essential oil scented candle can help lift the mood and increase mental acuity. We call this scent ‘joy’ due to the happy and joyful attitude this plant promotes. In aromatherapy, the oil can also act as an air purifier, cleansing a space

Peace Lemongrass has a powerful, citrus scent, used in aromatherapy as a mood enhancer - both calming and uplifting. The pure essence of botanical lemongrass essential oil is also used to help promote a peaceful night’s sleep.

Balance Grapefruit is the essence of crisp and sweet grapefruit essential oil, used to reduce stress, stimulate circulation, increase energy, and enhance good moods. With its bright uplifting citrus scent, it never disappoints.

We use cosmetic-quality ingredients in our candles to ensure a clean, pure burn and full fragrance release. Enjoy!

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