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Leather + Vanilla = Love

Since we launched our No 7 Leather Vanilla fragrance, we've consistently had customers raving about it. When we first started selling to independent shops, the mere mention of vanilla turned people away. We heard: "I don't need another vanilla candle" or "I don't like sweet candles" or my favorite "I don't want something that smells like a sugar cookie."  But when they smelled it, they bought it...and kept buying more.

Leather vs. Vanilla

It's not the vanilla - but the leather that makes this fragrance so unique. Vanilla is usually derived from nature - coming from essential oils and other natural products. There's a large spectrum of vanilla scents ranging from sweet & sugary all the way to earthy vanilla beans. We go to the natural end of the scale with the aroma of fresh vanilla beans & pods. Leather fragrance, on the other hand, can't be derived from actual leather, and leather scents tends to smell a little artificial - kind of oily - not something we like. When we started the line, we couldn't find the fragrance we wanted, so we designed ourselves: rich Tahitian vanilla bean mixed with smooth saddle leather. The special secret is a touch of citrus, which gives it a bright, uplifting feeling.

A Warm Hug

So, what does it smell like? It's rich and cozy - think of your favorite leather armchair, sofa, or handbag. It's warm and masculine - think of that new car smell, or your dad's leather jacket. It's rustic and generational like an antique steamer trunk. In my imagination, it's a warm hug from someone you love. The minute you feel the embrace, you know you're home.

The Scent of Home

Vanilla Leather has been with us from the beginning and it's always been first. From being our first candle, a customer suggested it as a diffuser oil. And that it became. From there, it evolved into our first room spray, allowing us to test out a new formulation and new format for fragrance. I'm sure it will keep evolving - we'd love this as a soap, or body moisturizer, or maybe a car fragrance.

Number 7 is Number One

No. 7 will forever be number one in our book. Whether you love a leather candle or a vanilla home fragrance, you get the best of both worlds in this hedonistic blend. You might call it a man candle, or think of it as somewhat culinary. Everyone experiences it differently. All we know is that it's beloved, by us and by our customers.

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