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Triple Scented? Highly Scented? No, Completely Scented

Quality Means More Than Words

Our candle quality is the best in the marketplace, hands down. We use a high percentage of fragrance oils for full scent that carries all the way through each candle. Quality starts with our proprietary soy wax, blended with exclusive fragrances that are handmade from a combination of essential and fine perfume oils. Add in a pure cotton wick to control the flame and you have magic. You can only buy this quality in ACDC scented soy candles.

The ACDC Candle Difference

First let's dispel some myths about 'triple scented candles'.  Triple scented is a made-up term to describe a strong smelling candle. There is no industry standard or definition on this subject but there are two schools of thought. The first thought school refers to the amount of fragrance oils candle wax will hold. Typically, many candlemakers use 5-6% fragrance in their wax. So in this context, triple scented would refer to using 3 times this amount of fragrance. At ACDC, we take the scientific approach to ensure that our soy wax holds the fragrance safely and in turn 'throws' it correctly when burning. While we use a high concentration of oils, an 18% fragrance load would create an unstable wax blend which would be dangerous when burning. So we use the safest amount of oils to wax to release the best fragrance throw when lit.

The second thought school refers to a person's sense of smell in relation to fragrance. The perfume industry frequently references three 'notes' - a top note, a middle note and a base note. The top note is a fleeting accent, creating a peasant initial aroma then transitioning to the next layer. The middle note is released as the top fragrance layer blends in, and is a constant which provides complexity to the overall scent. The base note is the fragrance's foundation which carries all the way through, providing lingering depth to the total aroma. So three notes = triple scented, right? Not true or realistic.

Fully Scented, Through and Through

At ACDC, we don't believe in trying to fool our customers using made-up jargon. We simply work to ensure that every candle uses fragrance oils that are naturally complex, long lasting and carry all the way through the wax, from top to bottom. This means our candles are completely scented. Our blending process ensures each and every burn is as fragrant as the first.

We value scent, safety and consistency over making unsubstantiated claims. With this quality foundation, our candles are fully scented, and feature a depth of fragrance that, we believe, holds up better than any competitor on the market, will burn perfectly every time, and throws fragrances you'll love throughout your living spaces.

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