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A Refresh and Creative Restart

CreatiVernacular Speaking the Language of Design

About a year ago, we started a blog for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes you convince yourself of the need to do things...because all the articles said we needed a blog for SEO, because it would be a good platform for PR, because it will help our small business get 'found' by customers. None of these things happened, but what did happen was a struggle to find a voice, a daily effort to have something authentic to say. As the author, my head was in the game, but my heart was not in it at all.

Thankfully, a few months ago, our website provider recommended a security update, taking our SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate to a more secure connection between web browsers and our server. This was technically out of my wheelhouse, but knew it had to be done, so spent a Sunday doing the upgrade. After a couple of failed attempts, the system said there were several web pages that needed to be deleted. One by one, I deleted them, each one being a blog post, page after page of my disingenuous blog. I'd like to say it was sad, but it really was a relief - bye bye dreaded postings. Goodbye and good riddance to the wrong kind of thinking.

So here we are again. But this time with an idea, with inspiration, and a voice that's ready to be heard. This time about imagination, influencers and creativity. This time celebrating art, fragrance, design, science, craft and nature and the shared language of creative appreciation. Each week, we'll choose a idea and look at it through a series of lenses. By following my heart, I hope it will inspire others to find their voices and start a conversation.

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