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Common Sense Candle Care

Today is Common Sense Day. Did you use common sense yesterday during the election? We did.

Carrying this theme forward we want to share some practical tips and pointers for safe candle & home fragrance care at home.

Good Candles Require Good Care

Here are 5 tips for safe candle use:

  1. Trim the Wick. First time out of the box, trim the wick to ¼” and trim it again after each use.
  2. Prevent Tunneling. On the first burn, make sure the wax pool reaches edge to edge on the container. Each use afterward should be for 2-3 hours at a time.
  3. Keep it Clean. Clean the wax of any debris and trim any blooms and soot from the wick.
  4. Watch Your Candle. Don’t leave a candle unattended and keep it away from kids and pets. Candles use fire to burn, so don’t use it near things that can catch fire and remember that it will be hot when lit. Use care when touching, moving or on furniture.
  5. Extinguish Carefully. Use a snuffer instead of blowing to preserve the wick and prevent mess.

Common Sense Room Scents

Enjoy these 4 tips for using home fragrances:

  1. Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers are clean, controlled and can be timed to turn off. Great for everyday use and in heavily trafficked areas, they are an easy way to disperse fragrance anywhere at any time. Tip: set the speed to low and timer to intermittent to enjoy fragrance automatically, all day.
  2. Room Sprays provide a quick and easy room refresh. Just a few spritzes will spread amazing fragrance in any room, covering odors, cleaning the air, and taking care of trouble spots. Tip: don’t spray directly on fabrics where they will get trapped (and may stain), instead spray around the room in the empty spaces for full space coverage.
  3. 100% Pure Essential Oils provide a focused fragrance that have aromatherapy benefits. Depending on the oil uses, they can assist with relaxation, clarity & focus, and invigoration. Tip: add a few drops to water in our wood grain diffuser to create a quick mindful environment.
  4. Linen & Pillow Mists are made from the pure essence of natural ingredients like lavender, rose, lemongrass and neroli. A few sprays set the tone for a restful night’s sleep.  Tip: spray directly on pillows and bed linens a few minutes before bedtime. For added fragrance, mist your curtains to create a whole-room atmosphere.

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