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What's your favorite number? Our Digits Fragrance Collection easily organizes our signature scents into a shop-by-number experience. Choose from ACDC soy wax candles, room sprays or aroma diffuser oils and build a library of favorite scents. Each fragrance layers alone or can be mixed & matched between different numbers. Try a new digit in every room of the home!

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Essential Oil Candles

Essential oils use scents derived directly from nature or natural ingredients through a series of oil extraction processes. They've been used in aromatherapy for thousands of years, to enhance the body, mind and spirit. Our essential oil candles are hand poured in the USA, crafted from a blend of cosmetic quality soy wax combined with high grade essential oils and pure cotton wicks. The clean burn fills a room with long lasting scents. Includes botanical ingredients derived from nature - it's aromatherapy at it's best!

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For centuries, Aromatherapy has been used in wellness capturing essential oils from nature to enhance the human body’s abilities to rest, heal, and recover from stress. Essential oil extractions encapsulate the plant’s truest scent or essence. These rare oils are captured through steam distillation, via water extraction, or by cold pressing oil from the plant. Each essential oil has its own unique aromatic compound and characteristic essence. In self-care, the practice of using essential oils to improve health and well-being has been well documented through history. Although scents alone don’t take stressors away, aromas have been proven to help relax the mind, re-energize the spirit and heal the body. Fragrance used in mindful practices helps creates a safe space to let new information in and to allow us to create connections to between what we already know and what we need to discover.

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Room Sprays

Our air freshening room sprays make an aromatic impression your home. Use a spritz or two to brighten or refresh any room for an instant mood boost. Combat unpleasant odors with a few mists around kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, powder rooms, entryways or home offices. Spray the spare room and make your home guest ready in no time! The fragrances match our scented soy candles and room diffuser oils to create layers of scent, filling a space with long lasting aroma. Hand crafted in the USA, they are beautiful to smell and easy to use. Mist lovely fragrance into your life and fill your home's rooms with special and long-lasting scents.

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Linen Mists

Linen sprays, pillow mists and room fragrances provide a quick way to refresh a room with delightful and peaceful aromas. Our Luxury Linen Mists can aid with deep, restful sleep when used on pillows and bed linens right before drifting off. The nature-derived ingredients include pure water, essential oils and herbal essences. Our room sprays and home fragrance mists are non-toxic and non-aerosol - just a spritz or two will freshen up a space quickly and safely. Hand crafted in the USA from the cosmetic-quality ingredients, they are beautiful to smell and easy to use. Mist lovely fragrance into your life and fill your home's rooms with something special.

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Bath Soaking Salts

Whether you want to feel pampered before an evening out, or simply want to indulge in a luxurious bath after a long stressful day, we tend to forget how soothing a good bath can be. Our ACDC Aromatherapy Bath Salts are infused with soothing pure essential oils, promoting more than just relaxation - they can help release tension in the body, reduce inflammation, cleanse and purify your skin. These bath soaks are blended with 100% pure essential oils, magnesium-rich Epson salts and pink Himalayan sea salt. Combining Epson salt and sea salt creates a bath soak filled with trace minerals, which help boost metabolism, promoting skin softening and exfoliation. There is nothing better than sinking into a warm bath infused with your favorite essential oil bath salts. Release the day’s stress and put yourself into a tranquil state of relaxation, while recharging your internal batteries.

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