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We often get questions about our fragrances – what do they smell like, which should I choose, if I like this, will I like that? Scent is so subjective, it’s frequently difficult to advise, but we all have some bigger picture likes and dislikes.  In our last post of the ‘senses’ series, I’m creating a fragrance finder that groups our Digits scents into some major fragrance families. If you like floral scents, here are your options; same for wood or herbal.

Our goal is to make your house a reflection of your personality and scent is a perfect way to do this. You can be a purist – one fragrance for your whole home. Or try a different scent in each room. There are many forms and delivery systems to choose from including scented soy candles, luxury room mists and ultrasonic diffuser oils. We like layering and many of our scents blend well with one another, so be creative when making your signature scent. 


Scents derived from flowers, blossoms, blooms and bouquets. The aromas of trees in bloom, pollen and petals. These scents tend to be airy and a bit perfumed.

No 6 Lotus Amber

No 16 Lavender White Pear

No 22 Gardenia White Rose

No 41 Apple Blossom Peony

No 50 Iris Jasmine

No 57 Hydrangea Lilac

No 63 Neroli Basil

Spice & Gourmand

Aromas inspired by epicurean ingredients. Sometimes there’s a food overtone and sometimes beverages. These scents have warmth, depth and complexity.

No 7 Vanilla Leather

No 11 Amber Cinnamon

No 24 Citrus Rosewood

No 81 Rum Teakwood

No 84 Plum Patchouli


Fragrances with woody notes, including leaves and grasses, hints of smoke and mountain air. Although unisex, wood notes are thought of as masculine in nature.

Holiday Douglas Fir

No 12 Mahogany Oak

No 18 Rosemary Campfire

No 24 Evergreen Citrus

No 33 Vetiver Cedar

No 48 Sandalwood Fig Leaf

Herbal & Green

Garden fresh and straight from nature, these scents have fresh herb or grassy notes, plucked at the peak of maturity.

No 70 Basil Mint Leaf

No 78 Sage Clementine

No 93 Violet Tomato Vine

Fruit & Citrus

Think of the aromas found in an orchard – ripe fruits, complex with hints of blossoms and wood. Juicy and succulent, clean and pure.

No 9 Black Fig Cassis

No 23 Grapefruit Jasmine

No 26 Orange Cranberry

No 44 Red Currant Mandarin

No 54 Mandarin White Tea

No 74 Coconut Citrus

Clean & Fresh

Airy, watery, breezy and fresh, these fragrances conjure up ozone, morning dew, waterfalls and clean air.

No 4 Rain Water Bamboo

No 35 Ocean Breeze


Please give us feedback in the comments section below or ask question using our Connect page – we’d love to hear from you! 

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