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Dream a Little Dream

Several months ago, one of our clients (a well-known luxury bedding company) asked us to create a private label ‘sleep mist’ for them. This request happened to coincide with us our launch of ACDC Room Mists. But a sleep spray is pretty different than a room mist:

  • the purpose is very different – a room spray is designed to freshen an entire environment, helping to eliminate odors and add freshness to the air. A sleep spray is designed to be applied directly to bed linens, creating a relaxing scented atmosphere to encourage sleep.
  • the formulation is completely different – a room spray needs to have a base that evaporates quickly, leaving the fragrance molecules behind. A sleep spray comes in direct contact with the skin and needs to be all-natural, blending with the body’s heat and oils to create an envelope of aroma.

With this in mind, we created our ACDC Luxury Linen Mistshand-crafted from amazing natural ingredients created by the distillation of pure essential oils. Our sleep sprays contain water and plant essences – the very heart of relaxing lavender, serene rose, peaceful lemongrass and dreamy neroli blossoms. A few sprays on pillows, bed linens or curtains promotes relaxation, setting the stage for restful sleep. Sweet dreams are indeed made of this...

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