Meditation Gadgets & Stress Relief Aromatherapy at Home

Fragrance and Meditation

What's the connection between meditation and aroma? It goes deep, historically dating back centuries to when mankind started extracting essential oils and resins from plants. Aromatherapy is part art, part science, and everyone reacts differently to fragrance, depending on the sensitivity of their sense of smell.

There are lots of gadgets on the market that claim to aid with stress relief, relaxation and meditation. If you love meditation time, consider a few low-tech products to set a meditative tone, allowing your personal practice to create a sense of deep calm or restful mood.

Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser and Home Fragrance Oils

Our Wood Grain Aroma Diffuser releases a gentle scented water vapor when used with ACDC Home Fragrance Oils. For full relaxation, we suggest several drops of No. 16 Lavender White Pear, No. 70 Basil Mint, No. 23 Grapefruit Jasmine or No. 54 Mandarin White Tea. To create a personalized experience, try blending 2 fragrances together and make your own relaxing mood. Perfect pairings include No 9. Black Fig Cassis and No. 48 Sandalwood Fig Leaf or No. 81 Rum Teakwood and No. 12 Mahogany Oak.

Luxury Scented Soy Candles

Burn a luxurious scented candle to create a sacred space for introspection. Our No. 63 Neroli Basil, No. 84 Plum Patchouli and No. 7 Vanilla Leather candles all release complex fragrances that are soothing and calming for maximum serenity.

Luxury Linen Mists

Our ACDC pillow sprays and linen mists are derived from 100% natural ingredients, capturing the core essence of their botanical parents. Try Relax Lavender to set a calming mood. Spritz Dream Neroli in your workout space or on a yoga mat for rest and repose. A spray of Peace Lemongrass on bed linens silences the outside world for inner stillness. A mist of Serenity Rose on pillows creates calmness and harmony setting the stage for mindfulness.

Bath Fizzers and Soaks

Fizzie, fizz, fizz...Our bath bombs provide a fun and effervescent way to wind down, clear the mind and reach a higher mental state. Hand crafted from natural botanical ingredients including baking soda, epsom salts, coconut oil and pure essential oils, they make the tub your home for mindful introspection.

Pure Essential Oil Candles, Bath Salts, Room Sprays & Oils

Our apothecary essential oil products are hand-poured in our Dallas, TX studio and blend the purest essential oils with our creamy soy wax base and other natural ingredients. With 5 relaxing scents, they are the perfect way to unwind before a busy work day or after a stressful family outing. With fragrances like Relax Lavender, Zen Eucalyptus, Joy Orange, Peace Lemongrass and Balance Grapefruit, they are sure to provide the atmosphere to slow down, sit back, and unwind.

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