Does Aromatherapy Aid with Stress Relief?

Does Aromatherapy Aid with Stress?

Aromatherapy has been practiced for thousands of years, dating back to ancient times when people used oils, balms and resins for both religious and medicinal purposes. These mixtures were believed to have both physical and psychological benefits including uplifting moods, aiding with sleep and stress relief. In the Middle Ages, scientists perfected the distillation of essential oils from plant materials and began commercializing the sale of essential oils.

Fast forward to 1937 when French chemist and perfumer René-Maurice Gattefossé first used the phrase 'aromatherapy' in a book referring to the use of botanical ingredients for treating illnesses, giving a name to this common and historic practice. Today, 'aromatherapy' commonly refers to the use of fragrances and aromas to adjust emotional and physical balance, and it is considered an alternative form of therapy, connected with mindfulness and well being.

It is widely agreed that our sense of smell is connected to the areas of the brain that control our basic emotions, thoughts and instincts. And that scent has a direct link to the mind and body. Using today's practice, aromas can be experienced and enjoyed in fragrant products such as candles, home fragrance, bath & body care.

Aromatherapy and Stress Relief

While little research is available to directly link aromatherapy to stress relief, centuries of practice back up the belief that there is a direct link between fragrance and mindfulness. It is thought that aromatherapy reduces the perception of stress, increasing feelings of contentment, calmness and relaxation. By calming one's emotional state, the practice can lead to a reduction in cortisol (known as the 'stress hormone') which is a steroid hormone the body produces in reaction to stress.

There are very few known side effects of using aromas as a tool for stress relief. Its easy to do, can be used passively, (meaning that you can release fragrance via a candle or diffuser while doing other activities) and aromas are very widely used in home fragrance, bath and body products, clothing and linen mists, and other scented items. Combined with services like massage and spa treatments they soothe the mind and body, opening the door to relaxation.

acdc co aromatherapy zen eucalyptus essential oil scented home fragrances

We recommend these ACDC categories to try aromatherapy in your home:


Our essential oil scented soy wax candles are widely used to provide a combination of soothing fragrance and flickering candlelight, setting the stage for stress relief. They create a sensory atmosphere which many people find calming and use daily to shed anxieties that come out of our work-traffic-family routines.

acdc co aromatherapy zen eucalyptus essential oil scented soy wax candles

Aroma Diffusers

Our BPA-free ultrasonic diffusers and home fragrance oils vibrate essential oils into a scented water vapor, filling a space with aroma. Because they don't use heat to disperse scent, they are safe around kids and pets. The added benefit of the electric diffusers is that they have variable speed control, automatic shut off and are easy to clean and refill.

acdc co aromatherapy zen eucalyptus 100% pure essential ultrasonic diffuser oil

Linen and Room Mists

Our essential oil linen and room mists are a quick and easy way to spray fragrance in any space. With our non-aerosol pumps and reusable bottles they add convenience and eco-consciousness to home aromatherapy time.

acdc co aromatherapy zen eucalyptus essential oil air freshening room spray

Enjoy our unique aromatherapy fragrances in your own personal stress and anxiety relief routines.

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