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Fabulous Fig Fragrance

We used to call our special blend of black fig leaves, currant berries and cedarwood 'Fig Favoloso' (translates to Fabulous Fig), but now we just call it amazing. In an ultrasonic diffuser, the oil releases incredible aromas inspired by the Mediterranean coast - sweet ocean air, woody fruit orchards and the scent of fresh berries at the weekday market.

Our fig leaf home fragrance diffuser oil is crafted from a blend of essential oils and the finest perfume oils. In our creamy soy wax the cedar wood notes get highlighted - somewhat nutty, rich and fruity, and a little aromatic - making beautiful fig scented candles.

Now we call it No. 9 and customers say they love the scent. Some call it 'the best fig fragrance' but we're not that bragadocious. We like to call it one of our favorites - a fun reminder of that trip to the Italian coast as summertime came to a close. 

Shop all fig fragrances and enjoy this warm & inviting scent.

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