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Portugal’s Claus Porto - Bath & Skincare Perfection

I’ve always loved great quality body products and how they make you feel. It all started in my early twenties while working for a major Texas-based airline. Traveling has always been a passion of mine and working in the sky made every day a new beginning & adventure. Jetting off to exciting places, exploring new cultures and of course, retail therapy. While visiting Europe and shopping, I found incredible soaps and lotions from London, Barcelona, Paris, Lisbon, Madrid and Stockholm.

Claus Porto Cloche Domes Soap Testing Apothecary
Lisbon Portugal Home of Claus Porto Soaps

Taking that sense of discovery forward, I opened a retail store outside of Philadelphia, PA in 2006, bringing in the best of what I found in my travel adventures – serving plates from Italy, teas from Munich, fragrances from France. With each new season, the hunt was on to bring my customers something exciting. On one buying trip we stumbled across a bold, beautiful booth that not only was bright and cheerful, but also fragrant. The aromas so intoxicating that you couldn’t just pass by without stopping. Beautifully wrapped eye candy welcomed you in. This was my introduction to Claus Porto soaps, scents and bath products. The rest is history… my customers immediately loved them and wanted more scents and formats.

Claus Porto Since 1887 Portugals Oldest Soap Maker

Claus Porto is the oldest soap-making factory in Portugal. Established in 1887, they produce a number of great products including body lotions, candles, colognes, shaving creams, liquid & bar soaps. Ferdinand Claus and Georges Ph. Sweder, two German immigrants, began making soaps and perfumes in a factory in Porto toward the end of the 19th century.

The company was sold in 1919 and the new owner, Achilles de Brito, changed the name to Claus Porto, which was added to other lines that were being produced under the ACH.Brito umbrella. In 1920, a new line was created for the aristocratic man who enjoyed traditional quality goods. The men’s grooming line was named Musgo Real and the products stand out due to their fantastic aromas which include the essences of vetiver, eucalyptus and accents of patchouli.

Claus Porto Hand Wrapped Bar Soaps in Colorful Packaging

In the 1950’s, the company began adding hand-painted labels to the products which made them stand out even more among consumers. Using their extensive archive of print and pattern work from the 1800s and 1900s, they wrap their products in amazing Art Deco and Art Nouveau patterns, with cues from retro advertising and vintage posters.

In the 1990’s a modern shift in strategy emerged for the new millennium. By this time the company had started reaching out to international markets. Today, Claus Porto is considered a brand of quality and refinement, admired throughout the world. The products are all still made by hand using traditional soap making and molding techniques.

Claus Porto Hand Made Triple Milled Soaps

Their triple-milled soap bars are creamy in texture with a thick, rich lather. Beautifully hand-wrapped in thick printed papers they feature embossed golden accents. The Musgo Real shaving creams are smooth and creamy, providing an incredible, moisturizing close shave. The liquid soaps and body moisturizers leave the skin feeling clean, silky and subtly scented. There are so many fantastic fragrances to choose from. If you enjoy a good shopping experience, take this journey with us and experience their quality products and how they will make you feel – luxurious, relaxed, pampered.

We are thrilled to add these beloved brands to our site, which complement the ACDC Co scented product collections. Indulge yourself and discover something timeless, beautifully reinvented for today.

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