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Customized Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts can be so impersonal... They're usually a somewhat thoughtless collection of logo-ed items, etched crystal, or bland desk sets. It's become a kind of joke - a watch for retirement, a laptop bag for a promotion, a box of candy for a thank you.

At ACDC, we take the opposite approach, using a high level of personalization and presentation to create beautifully packaged fragranced gifts for any occasion.  First, we work with you to choose a fragrance. Our line covers the spectrum from floral to fruity to woody. Second, choose one of our beautifully constructed gift boxes lined in matte finish paper and topped with a satin ribbon.  Finally, choose a liner paper that speaks to the recipient. We do the rest, assembling that perfect gift and including a handwritten note.

For aromatherapy lovers, our customized apothecary gift box is a way to experience the soothing scents of pure essential oils.

Our popular Digits candle and oil set is a budget-friendly, personalized 'thank you' for every occasion.

Can't decide? Try an ACDC gift card and allow your recipient to customize their own gift.

Your coworker, employee, business partner or customer will be thrilled to receive something personal and thoughtful that shows you care.

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