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A House Isn't a Home Without Candles

Candles have been used for centuries to provide light, heat and functionality to households worldwide. It's only recently that candles have become a mainstay in home decoration, providing stylish decor, creating ambiance and defining personality. In addition to their function, today's candles provide luxurious scents, while releasing their signature fragrances that make a house a home. Here are our favorite benefits of decorating with candles:

INSTANT ATMOSPHERE Candlelight is a romantic way to add warmth to a home. Burning a few candles throughout a room provide a flicker of candlelight that is cozy, reassuring and welcoming. Try our bestselling No. 84 Plum Patchouli Candle to create romantic atmosphere in your home.

RELAXING AMBIANCE The soft glow of candles, combined with their beautiful fragrance, create a calming atmosphere that aids in soothing away the stresses of the day, creating a mindful space for meditation. Try our Relax Lavender Apothecary Candles to conjure a relaxing environment.

AROMATHERAPY There's a reason that massage therapists, healing experts and spas use candles in their treatment rooms - they provide a peaceful space that's perfect for tranquility and quiet contemplation. Our Apothecary Candle Collection will create a spa-like environment in your home.

GATHERINGS & CELEBRATIONS Candles are a mainstay at social gatherings, from birthdays and weddings to holidays. We use candlelight as a way to celebrate milestones and the blowing out of the flame as a method to send wishes and good tidings. No 23 Citrus Delight is a celebratory fragrance that will encourage happiness during any event.

ROMANTIC GET-TOGETHERS There's nothing more romantic than a candlelit dinner. Whether on a first date or dining alfresco, candles are a symbol of amour, and the burning flame represents the love burning in our hearts. To create a little love, try No. 6 Amber Lotus, from our Digits Collection.

GIFT GIVING Whether giving a candle away or gifting it to yourself, candles make personal and special gifts for any occasion. Hosts and hostesses appreciate them. Grads love them. They're perfect birthday, anniversary or Mother's Day gift ideas. Celebrate a new home or move with a fragranced housewarming gift! Thank someone for a kind deed with a unique scented candle that speaks to their personality. An abundantly beautiful gift idea is our Bouquet Scented Candle from the Meadow Collection.

COZY DECOR Candles are enjoyed in any room of the home. In a dining room, they can act as place cards and welcome your guests to the table, or as ambiance providing the flicker of candlelight to set the tone. In the kitchen, they help dissipate odors while providing fresh, clean scents. In a living room, they provide moments of light and atmosphere that showcase your special design style. In the bedroom, they provide a sense of romance and warmth on a nightstand or dresser. In the bathroom, they create relaxation and a deep sense of calm when lit. Outdoors, they can keep pests at bay and set the tone for a beautiful patio, deck, or porch. Used poolside, they glow against the night sky and the flickering brings magic to night swimming. Our No 7 Cozy Moments Candle makes hygge happen in your home.

FENG SHUI It is believed that the element of fire is vital to the practice of feng shui. Fire is a purifying element that brings calm energy to a room. Fire is symbolic of the bright sun, encouraging happy celebrations, and glorious, joyful achievements. Find some feng shui for your home in our Apothecary Candle Collection, which uses pure essential oils to set the energy.

HYGGE Hygge is the Dutch concept of coziness & comfortable living which brings about feelings of contentment or well-being. Lighting is a key component of hygge. By burning candles during common everyday moments, we encourage that feeling to grow and glow - morning, afternoon and evening. Our No 44 Snow Berries Candle will create a cozy moment for contemplation.

SPIRITUALITY Candles have historically been part of our spiritual rituals, including meditation, prayer and transitions. We use candles for calmness, candles as symbols of life, and to pay respect to the past. Burning candles symbolize rebirth, growth and eternity. All major religions have candles as part of life's ceremonies and they are used in churches, temples and spiritual gathering spots worldwide. To create a spiritual moment, try No 50 Iris Jasmine which symbolizes peace.

MEMORY They say that the sense of smell is most closely tied to memory, which is why we are attuned to certain scents that remind us of people, places and past times. Emotions are a powerful thing and the connection to scent is unforgettable. Lavender has a strong association to memory, so burn our Lavender Essential Oil Candle to aid in cognitive ability.

PERSONAL EXPRESSION As we all develop our own individual fashion and style sense, fragrance is closely tied to our unique DNA. By burning the scents you love, you create a distinctive fragrance that is customized to your own home, expressing your unique point of view. Our Digits Candle Collection features a fragrance for every personality. Explore and find your perfect number.

TRAVEL & VOYAGES Bring a piece of home with you when traveling by taking along a candle, room spray or fragrance oil. Inspired by our own travels to beautiful gardens worldwide, our Meadow Candle Collection is a voyage featuring the fresh scents of fields, flowers and vines.

Candles make a house your home by providing unique personality and an individualized sensory experience.

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