Friendship & Fragrances | The Thoughtful Power of Friends 🤝

The Thoughtful Power of Friends 🤝

 Forming Friendships

Throughout our lives, friendships evolve with time and distance, events and milestones. Friendship comes in many different forms. Some are developed when we’re very young, starting with school and growing over time. Some come from work relationships and grow beyond work into lifelong friendships. Some get seasoned with age, becoming sweeter, saucier, or spicier. Hopefully we all have these special friends that we hold tightly for life.

We’ve had the blessings of all types of friends. Our childhood friends have grown up with us. Our customers became our friends over time. We put differences aside and encouraged past frenemies to became new besties. Friends come in all ages, from different interests, races, genders, religions, or political affiliations. We explore the world together and share our experiences and life lessons. With each new friend, we expand our views of the world and explore new experiences through each others’ eyes.


Thoughtfulness and Love

Friends are always thinking about each other, which is shown in so many ways. One way is to surprise a friend with a call, text, PM or post. Maybe send a card or gift to just say “I’m thinking of you.” The little things we do enrich our friendships with thoughtfulness and love.

Friends come and go, while new friends find places in our life experiences. Over the years, the human race has developed tools and technology to help each of us connect with one other and convey simple thoughts of kindness.

Friends Giving to Friends

Gifting is a special way to convey what friendship means. There are many occasions for gifting – special date, holidays, gracious hosting or being a good guest, good news (and sometimes bad news), and milestones. For us, the best gifts come out of the blue – no special moment needed. They come from positive thoughts, love, and yes, friendship.

Scent is Memorable

Of all our senses, scent has the strongest tie to memory. Scent transports us and takes us on journeys to the past, to special places and to memorable occasions. With this in mind, the ACDC Co team has developed new ideas, packaging and pricing to make gift giving a little more affordable and thoughtful. Our scented candles, home fragrances, linen mists and bath bombs can be combined in endless ways to make great fragranced gift ideas for any occasion. We’re always available for curation and collaboration to create a special gift for any friend in your life.

We are excited to announce more new products will be coming very soon.

Appreciation and Happiness


 We appreciate you and your friendship and thank you for giving us a chance to rise to every occasion and create a smile through our small business.

Happy Friendship Day from ACDC Co!





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