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Happy Scents for Happy Sense


We all strive for it. This year has been challenging with record job losses, economic turmoil, an emotionally charged election, climate-change driven floods, fires and hurricanes, and a pandemic that rages out of control.

So how can we get to a happy place? Attitude is everything and now, more than ever, we need help adjusting our attitudes from stressful to happy. 

Aromatherapy is thought to aid in making moods, creating atmospheres and altering mental states that support feelings of contentment, delight, joy and yes – happiness. With this in mind, we put together a Happy Scent Collection that brings us joy using all our citrus fragrances.

We call our 100% pure orange essential oil ‘Joy’ for this very reason. Aromatherapy with orange essential oil appears to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, providing the antidote to stress – happiness!  The sweet, strong, citrus aroma helps to purify the air, promoting an uplifting energizing environment. Find this oil completely infused in our Joy Orange Essential Oil Candles, Essential Oil Infused Bath Soaking Salts and Essential Oil Infused Room Mists

Another powerful force of happiness is our 100% pure grapefruit essential oil. Referred to as ‘balance’, it helps create an invigorating, cleansing atmosphere. Energizing and uplifting, grapefruit has been used in herbal medicine for purification and to aid with anxiety, balancing mood and relieving stress. Our Apothecary line of Essential Oil Candles, Air Cleansing Room Sprays, Bath Soaking Salts, and Fizzy Bath Bombs all use grapefruit to provide little moments of cheer.

As the holidays approach, ACDC's happy home fragrances make great stocking stuffers and gifts for merry moments, joyful gatherings, jolly parties, and cheerful celebrations. We have amazing Aromatherapy Gift Sets, custom created to make happy moments for your recipients.

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