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Introducing the New ACDC Co

ACDC or Aesthetic Content?

Last month, we transitioned our company, Aesthetic Content, to ACDC Co. This isn't a change in name or URL only, it's a foundational change that moves us in a new direction. Having built this small business for seven years, it was an exciting change and update, giving us the opportunity to rethink, realign, rebrand and resurface. 

What's the difference? Well, lots of things...

What's Different about ACDC?

In our previous business, a specialty gift store in PA, we could never find a candle that we loved to burn (or were proud to sell). Some were too smoky, some had crazy dangerous flames, and some didn't release fragrance from top to bottom. When we did find a good candle, there was always something wrong along the way - the wax looked dirty, the oils separated from the wax, or the scent was good at the beginning, but not at the end. When we started Aesthetic Content as a wholesale business in 2013, we aimed to make the best quality candles in the market - candles that had incredible scents, burned fully, and 'threw' the fragrance well. ACDC Co takes this quality-driven purpose and expands it across our business into new products, new categories and our customer experience.


Making Candles Better

After much research, we decided we could make a better candle. One that smells great before, during and after burning. One that burns cleanly with a controlled flame and room-filling fragrance. One that incorporates scent throughout every millimeter of wax. One that is made with cosmetic-grade ingredients and no unnecessary chemicals. We spent 2 years designing fragrances, doing product development and testing formulations to get the recipes 'just right'. By using top quality ingredients and putting together a process for blending, we made a candle that looks great, burns cleanly, and smells amazing, through and through.

A Clean Start

After selling wholesale for many years, we built a business-to-business following in over 250 boutiques. This Summer, we starting selling direct to customers through our website. It's been a process to build on to our customer base, reach new customers, start over from scratch, and pivot into direct sales. In many ways, it this Summer has felt like a startup - new name, new marketing, new product lines, new learnings at every turn. We rethought and redid everything, adding more transparency to our process, creating our 'no thanks' ingredients list, working from customer-first decision making, and communicating with our partners in a new way. It's an exciting time and despite the pandemic and other roadblocks, we've been seeing great results.

New Attitude

With our new name and new outlook, we expanded beyond candles into room fragrances, aromatherapy, and personal care. We want to represent the best in home fragrance, skin & body care, bath and grooming products. We will showcase our own line, and that of our friends, community, and like-minded small businesses.

Today's ACDC is evolving with the goal to provide great quality, fragrant products for the home and body, made from amazing ingredients, that provide a sense of happiness to the senses when used. Please join us on this incredible ride into the future.

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