Basil Mint Home Fragrance is Fresh and Clean Perfection

To Pair or Not To Pair... Mint + Basil = Perfection

Basil and Mint Combination No 70 Home Fragrance

Do basil and mint go together? Yes. Yes they do!

Basil is actually part of the mint family, so it makes sense that basil & mint pair well together. As a matter of fact, the majority of the finest culinary herbs are in the mint family. This would include basil, lavender, thyme, lemon balm, rosemary, sage, anise hyssop, and sweet marjoram.

The basil leaf is generally oval-shaped and usually 2 to 3 inches in length. They tend to be yellow-green to dark green in color, whereas mint leaves are much more narrow and lighter in hue.

Fresh basil is also known to be good for digestion, aids in fighting depression, promotes a healthy gut, and acts as an anti-inflammatory. It is also a great source of vitamins A, C, and K, and iron.



Natural mint is a calming herb that people have used throughout the ages to help soothe an upset stomach or help with indigestion. It, too, is an anti-inflammatory. As an essential oil, it has a cooling, refreshing effect and is widely believed to enhance mental alertness.



We like mixing and matching different flavors and smells to create something new or familiar. What better than a basil and mint cocktail? We recently came across this refreshing summer non-alcoholic Lemon Basil Mint Spritzer that perfectly combines the amazing flavors of lemon, fresh herbs and ginger.

This thirst quencher hits the spot in our hot Texas heat. Check out @walkingonsunshine for the complete recipe for this cool and invigorating summer splash of goodness.


No 70 Basil Mint Leaf Home Fragrance OilWith all this talk of basil and mint, we decided to formulate a home fragrance oil that could double as an aromatherapy diffuser oil and soy candle. The result is No. 70 room fragrance that can be added to any ultrasonic or electric diffuser. Mix a few drops of the oil into a diffuser that has already been filled with water, transporting you into the garden with aromas of fresh herbs, without ever getting your hands dirty.

We're currently testing this oil with our soy based candles - coming soon! We put a Summertime fresh herb garden in a bottle and its called No. 70.

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