Aromatherapy Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oils & Candles

We Call Lemongrass ‘Peace’ and Here’s Why…


Creating a Relaxing Environment

The world is so stressful right now and we all need ways to wind down, relax and find peace.

With today being Relaxation Day, here are some tips for using aroma as a method to enhance calmness in your daily routine.

lemongrass-relaxing-energizing-essential-oils-home-fragranceIn aromatherapy, lemongrass essential oils are used to help reduce anxiety, relieve stress and fight depression. People use the scent to fight negative feelings, eliminate mental fatigue and to feel refreshed.

Lemongrass is thought to be stimulating and cleansing, uplifting and energizing. A grassy tropical plant, it is used primarily for cooking and herbal medicine, but the fragrance is used in perfumes, bath and spa products, and home fragrance. The oil is steam extracted, naturally derived from leaves and stalks. The steaming process releases an unmistakable refreshingly citrus scent creating both the oil and distilled fragranced water, which are collected and utilized as perfuming ingredients.

At ACDC Co., we call Lemongrass ‘Peace’ due to the calming and uplifting atmosphere it creates.

Adding Peace to a Daily Self-Care Routine

Whether winding down after a day’s work, or simply taking mindful steps to wellness, the aromatic fragrance of pure lemongrass is sure to provide a few moments of peace to the day.

Try these tips:

peace-lemongrass-essential-oil-aromatherapy-soy-wax-candleWhile you’re meditating or doing yoga, burn a Peace Lemongrass Essential Oil Candle to generate feelings of centeredness and calm.


acdc-lemongrass-linen-mist-pillow-sprayTo wind down for a good night’s sleep, try a spritz or two of Peace Lemongrass Luxury Linen Mist on your pillows or bed linens right before bedtime. The soothing scent promotes a dreamy calming atmosphere.


acdc-lemongrass-essential-oils-bath-bombTry a deep soaking bath using a Lemongrass Bath Bomb. The essential oils and natural salts will re-mineralize your body, leaving you feeling silky smooth and totally soothed.


    Give Relaxation

    With all the events of 2020, it feels good to give good. Check out our assortment of essential oil fragrances and create a perfectly peaceful gift for any celebration – birthdays, holidays, housewarmings, weddings, special occasions or ‘just because’.

    Creating Peace

    To encourage more peace, for the next 48 hours we’re donating 20% of all purchases made to the Dallas Peace & Justice Center, which promotes a just and peaceful world through education, dialogue, reconciliation, advocacy and constructive action. “Our vision is that of a nonviolent world that works for all with justice and respect for the Earth, self and others...a world where our children and future generations can expect to live in a just and peaceful society based on connectedness and compassion. We believe in the power of peace and justice to create a sustainable world.”



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