Gay Owned Candle Company | Celebrating Pride

Pride is Our Business

In recent years, the month of June has been widely celebrated as Pride Month. It's easy to plop a rainbow on some marketing images and say you're an LGBTQ+ ally, but is that what pride is really about?  As it gets more commercialized we want to take a moment to pontificate on pride. 

Being gay and coming out is not easy, fun or funny. It's not a party or a parade - it's a gut-wrenching acceptance of who you are at the core. An act of self love, so that you can start loving others. (Because if you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else?) In the gay community, we celebrate pride because we have to overcome prejudice. Sometimes the prejudice of others and always our own internal prejudices. We celebrate pride to show that we reject prejudice.

Pride is something earned though admission, through acceptance, through love. As a proudly gay-owned business, we don't market pride, we produce pride.

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