Drop Ship Private Label Wholesale Scented Candles

Private Label Dropship Candles

We get asked....Do you private label candles? Do you dropship candles? Do you wholesale candles?

Yes, yes and yes. 

Private labelling candles is a process. There are lots of options, from choosing the right container, selecting the perfect scent, designing a label, and the final packaging. Each option has a minimum order quantity and each option has a cost. Explore ideas and ask questions our wholesale page.

Drop shipping is something entirely different. We dropship our existing line 'as is' to any location in the USA. While we'd love to dropship overseas, we've found that the cost is too high and it doesn't make logistical sense. We've put together a guide to dropship candles on our dropship page.  We don't private label and dropship - these are two different things.

Wholesale, for those in the know, is selling business to business. Our line has always been available for wholesale and we sell to a variety of stores around the world. Explore all our business to business solutions and get more information about buying in bulk, custom corporate gifts and case pack programs.

We can do a lot, but we also have some requirements. First, we ask that business customers have a legitimate business - a storefront or website, a business license, and a sales & use tax certificate. Second, our management wants to ensure a brand fit to make sure that you won't distribute our brand without permission or in a location or website that we don't approve. This is standard operating procedure with any brand. 

Let us know what you want to accomplish and we'll take a look at what we can do to go to market together. 

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