Lemongrass Candle and Diffuser Oils Benefits

The Benefits of Lovely Lemongrass

We get a lot of questions about the benefits of lemongrass candles and diffuser oils. You've got questions - we've got answers.

First, a little bit about lemongrass. Cymbopogon is a sturdy non-flowering grass grown in tropical regions such as Asia, Africa and Australia. It has a natural lemony fragrance and is grown as a culinary and medicinal herb. When extracted from the plant, the essential oil is frequently used for aromatherapy and as a fragrant addition to cleaning products, perfumes and personal care.

Thought to be a mood-enhancer, lemongrass oil is used for easing anxiety or reducing stress. Some people say it's an anti-depressant, others think it's uplifting or joyful in nature.

At ACDC, we call it 'Peace' and include the pure essential oil in our scented soy candles, room-filling home sprays, bath bombs, bath salts, and diffuser oils.

A few spritzes of our lemongrass linen mist can aid in providing a good night’s sleep.

In our lemongrass scented candles the pure essential oils release the uplifting lemony scent - sweet and crisp and unmistakable.

Create a home spa with a few scoops of our Peace bath soaking salts and layer the sense of calm by diffusing the purest lemongrass essential oil

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