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The Sultry Scent of Sandalwood

Sandalwood is an exotic mystery of a fragrance. Sweet, sultry and yes, a little sexy, it is a perennial favorite of perfumers and candlemakers. On the fragrance wheel, it’s classified as a woody mossy Oriental scent – both intense and alluring. 

Typically steam extracted from wood of the Indian sandalwood tree (Santalum Album) it has soft and rich wood notes best described as creamy, earthy and smooth. The real magic is that it blends so wonderfully with many other accords. It complements amber, patchouli, and cedar, bringing out wood tones. It plays nicely with lavender and vanilla, acting to sharpen and enliven the blend. It enhances the woodiness of rosewood and vetiver.

We use the sophisticated scent in our No. 48 Sandalwood Fig, No. 7 Vanilla Leather, and No. 12 Mahogany Oak home fragrances. Sometimes it’s the hero and sometimes the supporting player. Either way, sandalwood brings richness to each blend, making them some of our most popular aromas.

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