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It’s Election Day – Get Out and Vote!

Yesterday, we talked about common sense and voting. Today, we talk about what we stand for as a small business and how this converges into the 2020 election.  We encourage all our followers to use your right, your duty and your privilege to vote. Vote for personal rights & freedoms. Vote for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Vote for human interests and not for big industries. At the end of this blog, we are happy to reward you for voting with $10 off any order placed on Election Day. 

First, one of our four foundation principles is FORWARD, which is based on celebrating diversity, equality, freedom of ideas and creativity. Through this, we support in words and actions LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality, racial equality, freedom of religion. 

Second, as a small business, we fight every day for our share of the marketplace. We don’t have deep pockets for marketing campaigns or advertising to get out the word – we rely on word of mouth, scrappiness, creativity, and organic searches to sell our home fragrance and bath & body products. This year has been challenging as the pandemic closed the wholesale markets, but the past 4 years have been extremely challenging as big business received tax cuts while small business fight to survive.

Third, as humans, we cannot sustain disdain for human equality, the environment & climate, citizen's health & well-being, and global unity. Our country's position in the world is at stake, along with our economic future. As the national debt exceeds GDP, our current politicians have bankrupted our future.

We implore our community to use your common sense, your sense of humanity, and your moral compasses to make decisions at the voting booth that go beyond your individual needs, encompassing the needs of our society, our civility, and our future to create a better world.

With this in mind, if you vote today, we’re happy to provide a $10 credit on any order site-wide by using code IVOTED2020 at checkout on minimum purchase of $20.

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