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Kindness Counts in Large (and Small) Amounts

Kindness doesn’t take much effort – it’s more of a state of mind than something you work toward. Being kind involves having empathy and compassion. It combines a sense of caring with a sense of sharing. Kind acts require accessing your values, ethics and your moral compass and reaching out to others.

It pushes forward the idea that we’re all made of the same stuff and we know how to lift each other up when we feel pushed down. We give of ourselves for the sake of others. We sacrifice our needs to put other people first.

Kind-ful = Mindful

Kindness provides healing and lends strength. Being kind involves generosity, consideration and a touch of love. Love, even for people that you don’t know or might not ever meet. Generosity, with no strings or reciprocity attached. Consideration without recognition.

Kindness seems simple but sometimes it’s complex. It means putting your own needs aside to support others. It means being caring in your deeds and thoughts. It means being sincere and taking voluntary actions to solve problems. Its not easy, but it’s not difficult either.

World Kindness Day & Everyday Kindness

We all need more kindness and compassion, so on World Kindness Day, do something, say something, mean something that has a small effect on another person’s outlook. Pass on an effort of kindness, or pay forward a kind act that someone provided to you. Share and spread love around. Do right things and do good things. Don’t limit the spread of kindness to one day – do something kind every day. It will make you feel good and make others feel better.

Sharing the Caring

As for us, we’re donating 10% of our profits during the month of November to the Caring Foundation of Texas which provides free immunizations and healthcare services to underserved and uninsured children and families across the state. To encourage you to do the same, we're offering $10 off any purchase today with code UR2KIND at checkout. Or, just go to CareVan's website and donate directly there.

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