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The ACDC Fragrance Finder

One of our goals at ACDC is to make your house a reflection of your personality and scent is a perfect way to do this. This fragrance finder groups our...

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The Benefits of Aromatherapy Essential Oil Candles

Aroma + therapy = aromatherapy. It’s thought that infusing your home with pure essential oil aromatherapy candles can alter moods, providing the antidote to depression, setting the scene for relaxation, and...

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Great Host and Hostess Gifts

Great gifts take a good deal of thoughtfulness to be successful. Our luxury gifting guide provides tips and tricks for choosing amazing gifts for hosts, hostesses, housewarmings, cocktail or dinner...

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Just Plum Goodness - ACDC Co

Just Plum Goodness

Our # 1 bestselling home fragrance is No. 84 Plum Patchouli. Why? Maybe its the combination of subtle scents - rich plum, blended with silky-smooth patchouli and hints of sweet peaches,...

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Natural Sleeping Aids - ACDC Co

Natural Sleeping Aids

Trouble sleeping?  I've tried everything to fall asleep and stay asleep - from pharmaceuticals to over-the-counter sleep aids? I don't like how they make me feel - groggy, lethargic - overall...

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The Power of Patchouli Home Fragrance - ACDC Co

The Power of Patchouli Home Fragrance

Patchouli essential oil is thought to be stress-reducing and mood-harmonizing, bringing about peaceful feelings. Maybe that's why its so often associated with the 1960's hippy movement? Our signature home fragrance is...

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Customized Corporate Gifts - ACDC Co

Customized Corporate Gifts

Creating personalized corporate gifts isn't as difficult as you might think. We provide lots of options and will assemble and ship the perfect gift for any occasion, employee, business partner...

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Sensational Cedar Scents - ACDC Co

Sensational Cedar Scents

What does cedar wood smell like? The rich, alluring scent of natural cedar is often described as the fragrance of pencil shavings, but it's much deeper and more complex than...

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The Benefits of Lovely Lemongrass - ACDC Co

The Benefits of Lovely Lemongrass

What are the benefits of lemongrass candles and diffuser oils? Thought to be a mood-enhancer, lemongrass oil is used for easing anxiety or reducing stress. Some people say it's an...

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I Heart Iris - ACDC Co

I Heart Iris

The iris blossom has a subtle and unique aroma - a little earthy, a little fresh and watery, a little powdery. Some say it has hints of rose and white...

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Exotic Tahitian Vanilla Fragrance - ACDC Co

Exotic Tahitian Vanilla Fragrance

Tahitian vanilla beans the most expensive type of vanilla bean, known for superb flavor and aroma. Exotic and alluring, the fragrance is unmistakable - sweet and fruity with subtle floral notes. We love it...

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The Sultry Scent of Sandalwood - ACDC Co

The Sultry Scent of Sandalwood

Sandalwood home fragrance is sweet, sultry and yes, a little sexy. A favorite of perfumers and candlemakers, it’s classified as a woody mossy Oriental scent – both intense and alluring with soft...

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First Bloom – Hydrangea - ACDC Co

First Bloom – Hydrangea

One of our favorite flowers is the hydrangea - those pom pom blossoms abundant with unmistakable scent, somewhat like jasmine and somewhat like iris. While the aroma is subtle those pom...

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The Perfect Pear-ing - ACDC Co

The Perfect Pear-ing

Pear scented candles evoke the memory of southern France, floating over lavender fields in a hot air balloon, then exploring the little villages of Provence, each uniquely scented with some combination...

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